Conference papers


Yu. Suhak, A. Kabir, D. Roshchupkin, B. Red’kin, S. Ganschow, H. Fritze,
Oxygen Partial Pressure Dependent Electrical Conductivity of LiNb1−xTaxO3 Solid Solutions,
SMSI 21 Conference; doi: 10.5162/SMSI2021/A1.2

Yu. Suhak, B. Jerliu, S. Ganschow, D. Roshchupkin, B. Red'kin, S. Sanna, H. Fritze,
Electrical and Electromechanical Properties of Single Crystalline Li(Nb,Ta)O3 Solid Solutions up to 700 °C,
SMSI 21 Konference; doi: 10.5162/SMSI2021/A1.4

L. Vasylechko, V. Sydorchuk, S. Hurskyj, U. Yakhnevych, A. Lakhnik, I.I. Syvorotka, A. Luchechko, O. Buryy, D. Sugak, Ya. Zhydachevskyy, A. Suchocki, Yu. Suhak, H. Fritze,
Obtaining and investigation of the LiNbO3, LiNbO3:Mg, LiTaO3 nanopowders doped with Pr ions,SMSI 21 Conference; doi:10.5162/SMSI2021/A1.3

Yu. Suhak, B. Jerliu, D. Roshchupkin, B. Red’kin, H. Fritze,
High-temperature stability of electrical and electromechanical properties of LiNb0.88Ta0.12O3
SAW-Symposium 21

Sven Reitzig, Franz Hempel, Michael Rüsing, and Lukas M. Eng,
CARS Domain-Wall Analysis in single-crystalline Lithium Niobate,
OSA/NLO 2021

Franz Hempel, Sven Reitzig, Michael Rüsing, and Lukas M. Eng,
Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering on Solid State Systems
OSA/NLO 2021

Zeeshan H. Amber, Benjamin Kirbus, Michael Rüsing, and Lukas M. Eng,
Second-harmonic microscopy in optically confining nanostructures,
OSA/NLO 2021