Teilprojekt 4


Control of nonlinear self-localisation phenomena of strongly coupling charge carriers in LiNb1-xTaxO3(LNT) solid solutions.

The subproject sheds light on the interaction of strongly coupling charge carriers with the:

  • structure-related, atomistic properties,
  • dielectric and structural properties of ferroelectric domain walls and
  • transport properties of ionic diffusion at elevated temperatures in the

in the LNT solid solution system.

The question of the role of structural, electronic and ionic properties in the nonlinear phenomenon of self-localisation, but also in the formation, transport and relaxation of charge carriers in oxide solid-state materials in general, will be addressed. For LNT, it is expected that (novel) possibilities for tailored control of self-localisation by adjusting the mixing ratio, by domain structuring and temperature can be revealed. From an application point of view, e.g. nonlinear photonics or nano-optoelectronics, this raises the question of controlling (non-)linear optical and electronic properties.


  • Influence of solid solution composition & doping on self-localisation
  • Influence of ferroelectric domain wall structures on self-localisation
  • Influence of ionic transport on self-localisation
  • Microscopic modelling & relevance for spatially and temporally resolved control of self-localisation processes

Project managers and employees

Prof. Dr. Mirco Imlau
Dr. Laura Vittadello
M. Sc. Anton Pfannstiel
M. Sc. Jan Henrik Klenen
M.Sc. Felix Sauerwein
B.Sc. Niklas Dömer
Tobias Hehemann
Gerda Cornelsen
Julian Kölmann