Kick-off Meeting

From 07.10 - 08.10.2021 our kick-off meeting of the research group FOR5044 took place in the Goslar conference hotel DER ACHTERMANN.
We are pleased about the positive feedback of the guests from Germany and abroad.

Web conference on the topic: structure and formation of crystals

On 29.06.2021 we held our web workshop "Structure and formation of crystals".

Lecture title: "Short introduction to the crystallography of solid solutions".

Web-Konferenz zum Thema: Raman-Spektroskopie

On 18.05.2021 the web workshop "Raman Spectroscopy" took place.

Lecture title: "RAman Spectroscopy in LNT Crystals"

Web-Konferenz zum Thema: Kristallz├╝chtung

On 13.04.2021 our web workshop " Crystal growth" took place.

Lecture title: "Issues of Melt Growth"